March 29, 2024
Happy Easter and Happy Spring!
We are open every day including statutory holidays from 9-5
Fruit trees have arrived - limited quantities - FCFS
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  • Fruit Trees, Hedging, Japanese Maples, Deciduous Shrubs, Ornamental Trees and Conifers
Stop by often to enjoy the ever changing foliage and blooms. 
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2) Send an E-transfer to with your chosen amount
3) I will scan a voucher and email it back to you or another email of your choosing
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Did you know that we grow our own hedging?  See the banner photo above for an image from our TREE FARM.
Leylandii, Excelsa, Smaragd, Portuguese Laurel and Brandon
Visit our PRODUCTS PAGE for a list of plants that we typically carry.
For prompt service and the best selection of the season, we recommend that you attend the garden centre as often as your can.   We're a fun place to spend time and the sights are ever changing!

 Regular visits are recommended.

If you have a question about a specific tree you'd like to plant, the best first step is learning as much as you can from online sources before your visit.
Some of our favourite websites!
You know us for our Trees and Shrubs
Specializing in Japanese Maples, Conifers, Hedging and Ornamental Trees.
We also carry:
Pottery, Benches, Statuary and Fountains
Rock Features and Gurglers
Wind Spinners
 Bagged Soils, Manures and Composts
Bark Mulch - bagged and bulk
Important to note,veggie starts, herbs, annuals and indoor plants are unavailable
If you have a general enquiry, it is best to send an email to  
Welcome to Outback Nursery & Garden Centre
6016 Headquarters Road, Courtenay BC V9J 1M7
  Outback Nursery is one of the largest garden centres on Vancouver Island  Our nursery is situated on a  6 acre property and offers 5 overflowing greenhouses (30x170ft); almost 23,000 square feet.

Outback Nursery began in 1998-1999 when our parents retired to the island from Aldergrove. They asked if we'd be interested in joining them and then purchased this  heavily treed property. We began clearing some trees and settled into country life trying our hand at raising some turkeys and pigs as well as growing some hedging and conifers. We joined the Farmer's Market, then as our inventory expanded we began running a spec truck down island stopping here and there to show our quality product to potential customers.

Little by little the property was cleared and one by one the greenhouses and irrigation zones increased to what you see today. In the beginning we were limited to wholesale and landscape clientele, then somewhere along the way interest in our nursery grew and we opened to the public.


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