We respect the request of our Government to STAY HOME and will be closing the gates for the next 2 weeks. We know this is extreme but we feel strongly about what our country is asking of us. Gardening offers many health benefits and we have remained open until now because we considered our big open space as a safe place to be. In hindsight, by staying open, even with social distancing and additional sanitation, we were inadvertently promoting you to leave your house. For this reason, we will also halt any service of pulling orders for pick up.

We wish to do our part to lessen the curve and the spread of COVID. It is important for all of us to be able to absorb the seriousness of what is in front of us and instead be part of the solution.

Tree shopping can wait - let's put Spring on hold. Please watch here as well our website as we get closer to an anticipated reopening date of April 7th.

You are welcome to email outback.nursery@gmail.com

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you when this settles.

Now in stock -  pears, apple, cherry, plum and peach,  Also blueberries, raspberry, figs, hazelnuts and rhubarb.
Welcome to Outback Nursery & Garden Centre
6016 Headquarters Road
  Outback Nursery is one of the largest garden centres on Vancouver Island  Our nursery is situated on a  6 acre property and offers 5 overflowing greenhouses (30x170ft); almost 23,000 square feet.

Outback Nursery began in 1998-1999 when our parents retired to the island from Aldergrove. They asked if we'd be interested in joining them and then purchased this  heavily treed property. We began clearing some trees and settled into country life trying our hand at raising some turkeys and pigs as well as growing some hedging and conifers. We joined the Farmer's Market, then as our inventory expanded we began running a spec truck down island stopping here and there to show our quality product to potential customers.

Little by little the property was cleared and one by one the greenhouses and irrigation zones increased to what you see today. In the beginning we were limited to wholesale and landscape clientele, then somewhere along the way interest in our nursery grew and we seized the opportunity to open to the public.


Please follow this link to read more about us.




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