PLANTING TIPS FOR TREES AND SHRUBS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Before Planting:

-Make sure your Trees & Shrubs are well watered before planting.

-Place your new purchases in afternoon shade if you're unable to plant them right away during summer.

-Never plant during the heat of the day, wait until evening.

-Make sure you have the right location for your plant to thrive, check soil and exposure requirements.

-Most plants don't do well in poor draining soil.

-If you're unsure dig a test hole, fill it with water and see how quickly it drains.




-Dig a hole that's as deep as the container or root-ball but twice as wide, if possible.

-Never create a water bowl in hard-pan the water will be unable to drain properly.

-Remove the plant carefully from the container. Never break up the root system on trees and shrubs.

-B&B trees should be planted intact, remove the string and roll back the burlap away from the trunk.

-Bury the burlap it is biodegradable

-Back fill the hole with the existing soil, for poor soils amend with a good quality bark mulch or compost.

-Sandy soils can be amended with peat moss, for better water retention.

-When back filling, make sure there are no air pockets or roots showing above the surface.

-Do not plant too deep; covering the trunk too high can lead to serious problems.

-Firm the soil gently around the plant, your foot works best.

-Stake large trees to keep them stable and growing straight

-Protect young trees from Deer and Rabbits.

-Give your newly planted tree or shrub a good soaking, depending on the weather.


After Care:


-Water regularly for at least the first two years after planting regardless if the plants are drought tolerant.

-It's important to develop a good root system; your plants will be able to tolerate long dry spells better.

-Water deeply and less often than a light sprinkle once a day, how often will depend on the weather.

-Best time to water is in the evening, this will help keep the soil hydrated through the night.

-Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer in spring at least for the first five years.


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We have a no refund or return policy on live plant material. Our plants are healthy when leaving the Nursery

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